Our machine can be operated in accordance with all kinds of packaging. Plastic-glass containers / jars / boxes / small bags / big bags etc. Sterilization and pasteurization process for all these products is done without any errors.

All kinds of cycles (running) are completed according to the automatic settings memorized in a programmer equipped with a PLC and its equipment. This system also records all operations on a USB memory with a recording device. If desired, this system can also be transferred to a PC in your business. Many recipes can be prepared according to the product and packaging types. In all models of our autoclave, after the baskets are loaded manually or optionally automatically, the lid is closed manually and locked thanks to a pneumatic pressure cylinder. This locking process can also be controlled with sensors. After filling the ballast level or the first cycle water, the pump is activated automatically (according to the recipe). (sprayed) During the whole operation, heat, pressure, back pressure are automatically activated and deactivated according to the prepared recipe cycle, thus ensuring that all products are pasteurized or sterilized to the same standard.


In our machine, the water is heated in the heat exchanger, it does not enter the autoclave, which eliminates many problems such as sudden pressure drops, control problems, product breaks compared to other competitors. And it consumes much less energy than our competitors. ALFA LAVAL ® plate heat exchanger is used in all our autoclaves.


Being aware of the fact that the lid issue is very important in pressure vessels, it is produced meticulously in our facilities. There is a special heat-resistant gasket on the lid. It is produced resistant to friction for a long time. After the lid is closed manually, it is prevented from opening during the whole process thanks to the pneumatic system. It is designed as the cover cannot be opened without the operation end lamp coming on.


The whole system is controlled via a PLC located on the main panel. In addition, this panel contains all the equipment that controls the pneumatic, electronic and electrical circuits. The information transferred from the control panel to a (HMI) touch screen on the machine is monitored and controlled from here. In all of the OTTOMAN ® autoclave systems, recipes are prepared on this screen and operated as a fully automatic system. System operation is monitored and controlled visually from this screen. The information here is also transferred to a graphic recorder located on the main panel in order to monitor the system continuity and can be taken to a USB memory if desired. In addition, depending on the customer's request, this entire system can be transferred to a PC screen in the enterprise and/or to another PC over the network.


It is made entirely of AISI 304 or 316 quality stainless steel, excluding plastic and electrical components. The outer surface is covered with 50 mm rock wool and stainless steel for thermal insulation. .


Automation and Heat Treatment Views

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Capacity 1200 boxes. Per charge (1/1kg.)
Dimensions 2500x2100xh2390mm
Weight 1950 Kg.
Nominal diameter 1400mm
Number of baskets 2 pcs
Basket dimensions 980x980xh920mm
Pump power 7.5kw



Steam Consumption 1000kg/ per charge
Usage pressure 3Atm.(max)
Installed power 7.5Kw
Water consumption 5 Ton/ per charge
Air Consumption

Optional Features

VIBRA (Shaking):

The system, which provides better preservation of the food texture in some products thanks to a vibrating process, has been used since 2010 on demand or depending on the product. VIBRA® can be included in the process by discussing with our technicians. This system can be applied in all varieties.


This process, which is normally done manually, can be taken into the autoclave lid opening and pushed into the lid opening with an attractive chain mechanism in all our models.


The machine consists of three main units: balance conveyor, stacking/push conveyor and can/jar elevator.

Balance conveyor (1000 x 2000mm): It is accumulated enough to fill one row of the autoclave basket at high speed (for example, 300 Ø73 t.boxes/min during the 20-second loading period) (feeding is prevented by the holding piston at the end of the conveyor, which receives a warning from the basket limit sensors). and is used for rapid feeding.

Stacking and pushing conveyor (1000 x 2000mm): It is used to push the boxes accumulated in the balance conveyor onto the autoclave basket with the help of pusher piston.

Tin can jar lift: Scissor lift driven by hydraulic unit is set via switches